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Step Beyond Green ~ to Healthy - 2017

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Source 1 Project Solutions offers consulting services such as:

  • Healthy Home Consulting: You will receive a written report detailing the current condition(s) of your home, suggestions for improvements, estimated cost for improvements, guidance on selecting healthier materials, and suggestions for retailers or manufacturers to contact. The report can be taken to any builder.

  • Feasibility Studies: You will receive four (4) sketches of house designs and rough cost estimates for each design option.

  • Competitive Bid: Source 1 Project Solutions typically solicits two bids for projects, with a third if the costs are significantly different. This is a no-cost service when utilizing the current bid structure. Clients that would like three bids for every element of construction will be charged a consulting fee and receive a written report detailing the three bids for your project.

  • Buying a Home: Individuals that are buying a home want know what repairs are needed and the estimated cost of those repairs. Source 1 Project Solutions will walk through the home that you are considering buying, and advise you of features of the home that are in need of repair or may become an expense in the near future.

  • Selling a Home: Individuals that are selling want to sell their home as quickly as possible and maximize their profits. Source 1 Project Solutions will evaluate the condition of your current home and recommend improvements to help increase value. We have an interior designer on staff as well as relationships with top realtors in the marketplace. By leveraging this expertise, we can help make your home more attractive to buyers.





Source 1 Project Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to helping people design, remodel and build using healthier building materials and processes. We will make every effort to help you choose healthier options; however, our assistance is not specific medical advice for any one person and/or medical condition. For specific medical advice, contact your physician. The information provided by Source 1 Project Solutions, Inc. is for your information; your decision to apply any information provided is your responsibility entirely.


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