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Design & Consulting

Step 1: Basic Design Drawings

These drawings show your existing and proposed floor plan options, as well as basic interior or exterior elevations. The drawings will include design features that promote healthier living environments. We design your home and workplace with strategic use of space, healthy design elements, and incorporation of your choices while considering:

In your home:

  • Your Life Stage: single, expanding family, empty nest, retirement

  • Health: implications, allergies, health equipment, medical condition

  • Your Age & Ability: open space, ease of use, health needs

  • Caring for Relatives: privacy, ease of use, health needs

  • Your Entertainment Needs: friends, family and business client

  • And Anything else your needs or wants dictate

In you workplace:

  • Your Business Stage: small business, growing business

  • Overall Health: employee productivity, overall health and wellness

  • Flexibility: flexible use of space, department logistics and functions, meetings

  • Your Entertainment Needs: showing product, entertaining clients

  • And anything else your needs or wants dictate

Step 2: Interior Selections/Interior Design

Our staff will help you choose products and color schemes that best suit your taste. Our team will educate you about the healthy building products available; however, if you choose not to use the healthy building products, then alternative less healthy products can be suggested. We will ensure your selections tell the story that you want your space to tell, and reflect your lifestyle.

Step 3: Construction Drawings

Construction drawings build up on your design drawings and are necessary for obtaining permits and bidding your project. They include the scope of plumbing and electrical to ensure proper placement of utilities at locations that are convenient to you. These drawings can be used for the construction of your project and will include all of the specifications of your interior selections, to ensure you get the space you always imagined.

If you're not sure of what you want to do, or if you do know what you want, and are unsure if it is possible, Source 1 Project Solutions offers related consulting services. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Healthy Project Consulting: You will receive a written report detailing the current condition(s) of your home, suggestions for imporvements, estimated cost for improvements, guidance on selecting healthier materials, and suggestions for retailers or manufacturers to contact. The report can be taken to any builder.

  • Feasibility Studies: You will receive four (4) rougher sketches of house design and rough cost estimates for each design option.

  • Competitive Bid: Source 1 Project Solutions typically solicits two bids for projects, with a third if the costs are significantly different. This is a no-cost service when utilizing the current bid structure; however, clients that would like three bids for every element of construction will be charged a consulting fee, and will receive a written report detailing the three bids for your project.

  • 3D Renderings: Sometimes it is difficult for people to imagine what their project is going to look like. Using state-of-the-art 3D computer rendering software programs, Source 1 Project Solutions can provide you with computer renderings of your project, before any work is started to help you envision what the final product is going to look.

  • Home Buyer Consultants: Individuals that are buying a home may want to know what repairs are needed and the estimated cost of those repairs. Individuals looking to sell their home may need some help with making their investment more appealing. Source 1 Project Solutions will accompany you on a walk through and help you determine what can be done to their home.

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