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Step Beyond Green ~ to Healthy - 2017

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Step Beyond Green ~ to Healthy 

Building with the Health of the Occupants in Mind


Healthy Home

Source 1 remodeled a home where the #1 intention is the health of the occupants! Source 1 Project Solutions and partners teamed up with customer Angie Cummings to build a Healthy Home using materials that are healthier. It is important to note that HEALTHY building:

  • Is not "GREEN" building. Although, inherently, there will be some overlap between green and healthy.

  • Is good for the HEALTH of people, families, kids, and pets – occupants in the home. This project is all about education – you don't know what you don't know. The process we take you through will identify which materials emit toxins and provide healthier options and alternatives.

  • Installation of the healthy materials is done by a carefully chosen team of professionals, including contractors, which have been educated on which materials can and cannot be used to help you through every step of your project.

  • We want our clients to have access to the best building practices with a team of contractors who understand YOU come first, everything else comes next.

Why wouldn't EVERYONE want to create a HEALTHIER environment for their families, kids, and themselves?


Know the Toxins in your Home! 

Building materials that are commonly used in homes today have materials that emit chemical and gasses, and are causing indoor air pollution, according to experts.

  • "The U.S. can potentially save billions in healthcare per year by creating healthier homes."  -U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

  • "In the opinion of some World Health Organization experts, up to 30% of new or remodeled buildings worldwide may be the subject of excessive complaints related to indoor air quality."   -U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • "For their size, children breathe up to twice as much air as adults. That means children are at greater risk for health problems that come from indoor air pollution."   -University of Wisconsin Extension

Allergy symptoms are commonly misdiagnosed. Symptoms occupants have experienced include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. It is important to pay attention to the time and place symptoms occur. If the symptoms fade or go away when a person is away from home, it may be an indoor air quality issue.


Find out if chemicals may be affecting you by answering these four questions or visit the Source 1 Project Solutions Healthy Page for more information.

Angie's Story

Angela Cummings, Homeowner
Angie Cummings and her son have allergies to chemicals. In 2000 they purchased a newer home and shortly after that, both developed health problems. After being misdiagnosed by several physicians and experiencing chronic illness, Angie began researching her symptoms and discovered a direct connection to chemical exposure and their health. Since most homes built prior to 1975 had been updated (or had mold in the basement), after a 2 ½ year search she decided to build a home - a home that is made from materials that do not emit toxins. Angie searched to find a builder that built non-toxic homes. There were many well-intended builders that built "GREEN", but only one builder actually understood how to build "HEALTHY" – Source 1 Project Solutions. Angie decided to partner with Source 1 Project Solutions to design and construct her home, affectionately named the Know Tox Home.


In 2013, after searching for lots to build upon Angie discovered that local subdividion requirements prevented her from pursuing building a home within the school district.  She chose to remodel. In May 2013 Angie purchased a 1960's home – and the Know Tox Home was off the ground. Angie partnered with Source 1 Project Solutions to remodel her home. Work included designing a finished basement; choosing materials for and construction management of a central air system, related air ducts and filtering system; plumbing; water filtration system; interior painting; a new window and patio door; and re-finishing flooring.


After construction, Cummings stated "We've been living in the house for three weeks now, and about a week ago I had a doctor appointment. The doctor did his regular check-up exam where he looks at your ears, nose, throat, glands. He said my ears were clear and I didn't have swollen glands or anything. It was the first time in 1 ½ years of going to this doctor, and the first time in years, that I didn't have symptoms and was healthy."


To read more visit Angie's Blog on the project.



Source 1's Side Of things

Owners Jonathan Synovic and Toby Van Sistine wanted to make a difference. After talking to several families in Southeastern Wisconsin that had developed chemical sensitivities ("allergies" to chemicals), Source 1 Project Solutions decided they wanted to educate all their clients on the safest possible building and remodeling practices available to them. They wanted to build with the health of the occupant in mind.


Source 1 Project Solutions, designer and construction manager for the project, conducted a 2 ½ year study on people with chemical sensitivities as it relates to building healthier homes. Source 1 partnered with healthier product suppliers and contractors to identify healthier products and construction practices, and develop a system for remodeling and building healthy. 


For more information on toxins in our homes, read the Toxic Articles section.  







Source 1 Project Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to helping people design, remodel and build using healthier building materials and processes. We will make every effort to help you choose healthier options; however, our assistance is not specific medical advice for any one person and/or medical condition. For specific medical advice, contact your physician. The information provided by Source 1 Project Solutions, Inc. is for your information; your decision to apply any information provided is your responsibility entirely.


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