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Step Beyond Green ~ to Healthy - 2017

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Healthy Design

Source 1 Project Solutions recognizes that people use living and work spaces in different ways. Your home and workplace should be comfortable and healthy place for you to live and work in. Building a healthy home environment requires three elements: healthy design, materials, and processes.  Source 1's design process has three design packages for clients to choose from.


Package #1: Design Drawings

Design drawings show your existing and new floor plan and basic interior elevations. The drawings include design features that promote healthier living environments.

We design your home and workplace with strategic use of space, healthy design elements, and incorporation of your choices while considering: 



-Life Stage: single, expanding family, empty nest, retiremen

-Health: allergies, health equipment, medical condition

-Age & Ability: open space, ease of use, helath needs

-Caring for Relatives: privacy, ease of use, health needs

-Entertaining: friends, family and business client

-Pet Lovers: pet spaces, ease of cleaning, durability

-More: whatever your needs! 



-Business Stage: small business, growing company

-Health: employee productivity, overall health and wellness

-Flexiblity: flexible use of space, department logistics and functions, meetings

-Entertaining: showing product, entertaining clients

-More: whatever your needs!


 Package #2: Design Drawings & Interior Design

Source 1 Project Solutions has an interior designer on-staff to help you choose products and color schemes that best suit your taste. The interior design team will educate you about the healthy building products available. If you choose not to use the healthy building products, then alternative less-healthy products will be suggested. Plus you received the design drawings described above.


Package #3: Design Drawings, Interior Design & Construction Drawings
Construction drawings build upon your design drawings and are necessary for obtaining permits and bidding your project. They include the scope of plumbing and electrical to ensure proper placement of utilities at locations that are convenient for you.


Source 1 Project Solutions creates in-depth plans that include your material selections, right on the blueprint.  In the design process we take your choices, ideas and health into consideration, then suggest the best way to achieve the look and feel that you want.  Best of all, you own the drawings. We know that life takes people in many directions; therefore we let you have the copyright. You can take YOUR drawings anywhere.


Click on Sample Drawings to see various drawing sets.



Additional Option: 3D Renderings
Sometimes it is difficult for people to imagine what their project is going to look like. Using state-of-the-art 3D computer rendering programs, Source 1 Project Solutions can provide you with a photorealistic image of your project before any work is started. Our team will use the materials you have selected in the rendering so you know exactly what your home will look like prior to construction. From cabinet door hardware to light fixtures to countertops to paint colors, every part of the image reflects your product choices. We have had clients not be able to tell the difference between the rendering and the after pictures!


Click on Sample 3D Renderings to see sample renderings.


Our clients are smart. Based on your life or work situation, Source 1 Project Solutions will suggest a layout, materials and products to use, and then you make decisions about which parts to keep or eliminate.

We walk our clients through a decision making process that is methodical and efficient to minimize communication errors during design and construction.






Source 1 Project Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to helping people design, remodel and build using healthier building materials and processes. We will make every effort to help you choose healthier options; however, our assistance is not specific medical advice for any one person and/or medical condition. For specific medical advice, contact your physician. The information provided by Source 1 Project Solutions, Inc. is for your information; your decision to apply any information provided is your responsibility entirely.


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