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Step Beyond Green ~ to Healthy - 2017

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About Us

Source 1 Project Solutions was founded in September 2009 by Jonathan Synovic. His vision of working closely with clients to incorporate their ideas and goals into every phase of the project. During discussions with clients, the topic of health concerns and chemical sensitivities was reoccurring. This prompted Source 1 Project Solutions to look into the composition of building materials and processes. They discovered that many of the building products used today give off chemicals that make the air quality in people's homes unhealthy. Studies indicate that the unhealthy air is making adults, kids, and elderly individuals ill and causing a myriad of medical conditions to occur.


They also discovered that "green" and eco-friendly materials and products sometimes did not equate to "healthy". Using Synovic and Van Sistine's design and building experience coupled with years of research, the owners incorporated healthy materials, products and processes into their company culture and the design and build process.


Today, Source 1 Project Solutions informs every client about healthier building materials and processes available. These materials and processes are use in each remodeling and building project, unless the client requests otherwise.


Your health and building needs are our priority. The Source 1 Team believes in educating clients about healthy building options available, incorporating client life style needs, thinking through the project using a detailed systematic method, and communicating clearly and efficiently.


Mission Statement
To design, remodel and build healthy environments where individuals and families can live, work, and play comfortably, productively, and safely.


In 2014, Source 1 Project Solutions remodeled their show room using healthy building products. Stop by and take a look!


The Source 1 Difference

Source 1 Project Solutions sets themselves apart from other builders in that we focus on:

  • Your Needs: Most individuals and families have unique needs. Source 1 takes your needs such as life stage, health, ability, life style and family (including pets) members into account throughout each step of the design and construction process.

  • Healthy Materials: Source 1 is stepping beyond "green", to "healthy" by building healthier homes and workplaces for you and your family - using healthy materials and processes.

  • Planning Method: Source 1 systematically plans the remodel and building project, down to choosing materials and products, before the construction phase begins. Drawings that are developed during planning are yours to keep – you can take them to any builder.

  • Clear Communication: Communication is critical to the success and efficiency of any project. Source 1 walks clients through a decision making process that is methodical and efficient to minimize communication errors during design and construction.

  • Healthy Consulting: Source 1 offers healthy consulting to individuals that want a written report detailing how you can make your specific home or workplace healthy. 





Source 1 Project Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to helping people design, remodel and build using healthier building materials and processes. We will make every effort to help you choose healthier options; however, our assistance is not specific medical advice for any one person and/or medical condition. For specific medical advice, contact your physician. The information provided by Source 1 Project Solutions, Inc. is for your information; your decision to apply any information provided is your responsibility entirely.


3315 N. 124th Street - Suite A - Brookfield, WI 53005 | P: 262-402-6600 F: 262-922-4202 |


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