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Step Beyond Green ~ to Healthy - 2017

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Step Beyond Green ~ to Healthy


We're building a 1,800 sq ft healthy home in just 3 days! And it's all for you!  The continued rise in the number of people affected by cancer, autism, asthma and other health conditions is disheartening. More than 16 organizations have found that building materials and construction methods may be causing these illnesses - places like the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Breast, Harvard School of Public Health and Autism Speaks to name a few. However, the general public lacks education about how their homes can be causing serious health issues.


This year, Source 1 Project Solutions and partners (listed below!), are educating the public about this very topic. In order to make it memorable, we're building a 1,800 square foot healthy home at the 2017 Metropolitan Building Association (MBA) Home Building and Remodeling Show.  You can even see what's behind the walls!  


Believe it or not, air flows through our walls, ceilings, and between floors in our homes. Why is that important? Because the glues, insulation, plastics and debris behind your walls may be flowing into the rooms where you eat, watch TV, play and sleep. The finishes and fixtures in your home, mechanicals and water systems in your basement, and exterior finishes and landscaping are equally important and may be giving off chemicals and other debris that could be wreaking havoc with your respiratory system, nervous system, reproductive system and more.  


Step Beyond Green to Healthy @ 2017 MBA Home Building & Remodeling Show

January 13th – 15th, 2017

Click here for more information about the MBA Home Builing & Remodeling Show. 













2017 Step Beyond Green to Healthy Partners!

These companies are rockin' it out to build a 1,800 square foot house in just 3 1/2 short days!  Well, actually they're 3 1/2 long days for these super stars but you'd never know it by their smiles!


"The means by which a building is constructed may affect the quality of the indoor air. The choice of materials, component detailing and material installation play a role in potentially affecting the air quality. Building materials may be sources of pollution within the indoor environment." -Berkeley University of California


Source 1 Project Solutions

Healthy Consulting & Design

Lead for Step Beyond Green to Healthy!

Jonathan Synovic


Bliffert Lumber & Hardware

Lumber Yard & Hardware Supplier

Dean Erickson



TAMKO Building Products

Metal Roof Supplier

George Froehlich



Caesarstone USA

Countertop Material Supplier

Karen Spohr



Carpetland USA Flooring Center

Flooring Material & Installation

Jesse Neibauer



Coates Electric


Brody Coates




Appliances, Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures

Quinn O'Day



Riverside Plumbing

Heating & Cooling

Travis Sarinske



James Hardi

Siding Supplier

Randy Saunorisi



Goodman Distribution Inc

HVAC Supplier
David Saegert

JB Custom Drywall


Jon Brown



Dimension, Inc

General Contractor

David Kallie



B.C. Neville Tech

a/v system design and installation

Bryan Neville



On The Level

Finish Carpentry

Jim Schickert



Milwaukee Cabinetry Design Studio


Claudia Sieger



Meissner Tierney

Law Firm

Brian C. Tokarz, Esq.




Stain Supplier

Lyn Jackson



Badgerland Supply

Drywall Supplier

Adam Tantrow



Guthrie & Frey

Water Filtration & Purification

Craig Widenski




Professional Healthy Cleaning

Yolanda Spears
















































































































































It Takes a Team
It truly takes a team of healthy designers, product distributors, trade contractors and a general contractor to build healthier. We're not talking about "green" building, which is better for the environment. We're talking about "healthy" building, which is better for people. Healthy building is one step in living a healthier lifestyle.


Building healthier is more than selecting product. It's having a team that understands how the installation and construction of the home and workplace is going to affect people. The team must have the abilty to think through day-to-day construction situations and make educated choices. The team must have strong working relationships and plan placement of electrical, water, heating system, etc in a manner that is healthier for people. The team must be lead by a general contractor that understands that the order of operations can have a significant affect on people, and have the ability to lead execution of healthy construction practices. No one trade or company can do it alone.






Source 1 Project Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to helping people design, remodel and build using healthier building materials and processes. We will make every effort to help you choose healthier options; however, our assistance is not specific medical advice for any one person and/or medical condition. For specific medical advice, contact your physician. The information provided by Source 1 Project Solutions, Inc. is for your information; your decision to apply any information provided is your responsibility entirely.


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